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We offer a comprehensive menu of dental solutions for all ages.


Prosthetic consultation with a treatment plan

PLN 300

Crown-root inlay

PLN 500-700

Glass-fiber crown-root inlay

PLN 400

Crown-root insert made of gold (plus the price of gold)

600 PLN

Ball insert

PLN 900

Temporary crown made in a prosthetic laboratory

PLN 400

A prosthetic crown in the lateral zone

1500-1800 PLN

A prosthetic crown in the aesthetic zone

2000-2500 PLN

Porcelain veneer

2000-2500 PLN

Temporary crown made in the office - free for large prosthetic works


Individual pricing

Computer smile designin the Romexis Smile Design program

Overdenture denturemounted on telescopes

Image by Caju Gomes

Inlay / Onlay / Overlay CAD-CAM

1500 PLN

Meryland Composite Bridge

1500-2000 PLN

Photo of a crown / bridge taken in another office

PLN 200

Upper or lower acrylic denture

2500 PLN

Microprosthesis (up to 3 teeth)

PLN 1300

Skeletal prosthesis

PLN 3,500

Frame denture on bolts with metal crowns

PLN 15-18 thousand

Reposition rail lifting the short circuit, Kois Deprogrammer

1000 PLN

Relaxation splint with facebow measurement

1000 PLN

Protective rail

PLN 900

Denture repair

From PLN 400

Denture relining

PLN 300

Control visit during splint therapy -the first two visits for the price of the rail- PLN 200


Implantological consultation with a treatment plan

PLN 300

Implant implantation procedure

PLN 3,500

Crown on implant

2500-3000 PLN

Raising the bottom of the bay / SINUS LIFT

from PLN 3,500

Bone reconstruction

from 1500 PLN


Individual pricing

Removable prosthetic reconstruction (overdenture)

The beam is faced with porcelain / acrylic


Surgical extraction of an impacted tooth

800-1300 PLN

Extraction of a permanent tooth or root (simple)

PLN 300-400

Eight eight extraction

PLN 500-800

Complicated extraction of a permanent tooth or root

450-600 PLN

Apex resection

800-1200 PLN

Surgical preparation of the appendage for prosthesis

300-1000 PLN

Excision of the gingival hood with a laser

PLN 250

Incision of the abscess

PLN 250

Plastic surgery of the frenulum

PLN 300

Surgical consultation

PLN 200


Dental check-up First-time patient

PLN 150

Composite filling in a permanent tooth

250-350 PLN

Filling after endodontic treatment

From PLN 400

Temporary filling (dressing)

100 zloty

Flow Injection

PLN 400 per point

Flow Injection

3000 PLN for the bow

Bonding / Composite veneer as a point in the aesthetic zone

600 PLN

Image by Henrik Lagercrantz


Oral hygiene training

PLN 50


PLN 200

Hygienization package (scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation)

PLN 350


PLN 80


PLN 200

Leaf Pattern Design
Dziecko u dentysty
Leaf Pattern Design

Children's dentistry

Adaptation visit / dental check-up

PLN 150

Dental check-up for regular patients

for free

Sealing - sealing of grooves with composite

100 zloty


100 zloty

Filling in a milk tooth

PLN 170

Root canal treatment in a milk tooth

PLN 150

Milk tooth devitalization

PLN 150

Removal of a milk tooth

150-200 PLN


Root canal treatment of single-canal teeth

900 * PLN

Root canal treatment of two-canal teeth

1100 * PLN

Root canal treatment of molars

1400-1500 * PLN

Removal of a broken tool

1000 PLN

Reendo of premolars included in the price of 3D examination (1-2 canals)

PLN 1200-1400

Reendo of molars 3D examination (3-4 canals) included in the price

PLN 1700

Single-channel tooth reconstruction with a composite on fiberglass

PLN 500

Multi-channel tooth reconstruction with a composite on fiberglass

600 PLN

(improvement of root canal treatment performed in another office)

* To complete the root canal treatment, it is necessary to fill the cavity with a composite filling, a crown-root insert or an endocrown insert, which is not included in the price


Tray whitening (home)

PLN 650

In-office whitening with the Beyond lamp with a hygiene package

1100 PLN

Dead tooth whitening (1 visit)

100 zloty

Image by krakenimages
Image by Nick Fewings


Periodontal consultation, examination

PLN 200

Closed curettage (1 quarter)

250-300 PLN

Rinsing the gingival pocket + medicine

PLN 150

Periodontal abscess - decompression

PLN 200

Deep scaling with rinsing the pockets

PLN 250

Laser deepening of the atrium floor

PLN 500

Laser treatment of aphthae, herpes

100-300 PLN

PET examination of periodontal pockets (9 pathogens)

PLN 350

Laser removal of a benign lesion on the mucosa

+ cost of histopathological examination- PLN 300-400

Image by Umanoide

Digital X-ray diagnostics

X-ray pantomographic

PLN 65

Cephalometric X-ray

PLN 65

TK episode

PLN 150

CT scan of the maxilla or the mandible

PLN 250

CT maxilla and mandible

PLN 400

The presented price list is for information purposes only, it does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code

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