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Where are we for you?

The district where Dental Experts Stomatologia is located combines the atmosphere of pre-war tenement houses, the Oliwa Park with a magnificent cathedral with vast stretches of forests, whose terrain resembles the lower parts of the Bieszczady Mountains.

You can even see the Baltic Sea from our mountains, and navigation will take you to the beach in 8 minutes.
Why is it important? After each treatment, there is nowhere to continue what you are doing for yourself with us. A walk in enchanted Oliwa will be a great end to any visit to Dental Experts Stomatologia.


We invite you to Obrońców Westerplatte 32 B.

Dentists for Patients

Your first call is very important to us.

Feel free to write and call. Please select on the keyboard:

535 853 499

Godiny & Lokalizcja

Our address

Dental Experts Stomatologia

ul. Obroncow Westerplatte 32

80-317 Gdańsk

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