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DigitalSmile Design

We live in a digital world. In our clinic, such solutions eliminate discomfort, accelerate the creation of a new smile i allow great accuracy. How does it happend?

Imagine a traditional impression, a huge spoon that you must bite and hold a few minutes in the mouth. There is a reflex - you know what and a whole lot of other unpleasantness . We have a way. Note, the name is very technical, because it is calledintraoral scanner.

The smile laboratory

It looks like a small flashlight that the dentist gently guides over your teeth without causing any discomfort . A three-dimensional image of your teethautomatically appears on the computer screen. What do we do next? We upload this image,  literally two floors up to our ownprosthetic laboratory. Oops, technical vocabulary again. Better would be name them -SMILE LABORATORY.

Because it is in this magical place that we design crowns or veneers that your friends,  family or friends say: "but you have natural, beautiful teeth". Exactly, our strength lies in designing this happiness emotion - called smiling, hiring artists. Not craftsmen, but people who can adjust the length of the teeth, shape and finally their color to your complexion, face oval and many other unique features of every human being. Exactly, we wrote Man on purpose - because this adjective out of respect for You mean more than the Patient.

With such facilities, in one day you can leave our office of miracles with a temporary or final smile that fulfills

all its due functions. Such a smile can be modified, changed - feel it at home, show it to your loved ones.

Are you ready to make yourself the gift you've always dreamed of? YetYOU WILL WIN THE WORLD WITH A SMILE.

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Your first call is very important to us.

Feel free to write and call . 

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