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A smile is important

Since the eyes are the mirror of the soul, what is our smile? Or maybe it's worth asking a difficult question, what is the lack of a smile? We know it because we have been hearing it for 20 years from dentists who are improving their qualifications at our academy Dental Experts Training.

Grać w gry wideo

These are stories of not accepting oneself, a devastating assessment of how the environment perceives us. Often it is a "story", rejected love, stunted career. Sometimes complexes that begin in adolescence or even childhood.

You can change it, with our support. Patients after smile metamorphoses do not say anything at first. Real tears of happiness are falling for them. Then they talk about the "new man", "the most important step in life they have been putting off for so long", "the feeling of being attractive again", "the courage to strive for a new and better professional future".

How human, strong and positive emotions at the same time. Everyone deserves them. We have a great pleasure to be with you on this journey to the new "I". To guide this process, always motivate you and answer all questions.

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