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Why us?
... because you deserve more.

We shyly suppose that you have not treated your dentist as an ally so far.WE CAN CHANGE IT!We will make a visit to the dentist's officerelaxinglike a beautician or a barber.

But we must point out, we are talking only about visiting Dental Expert Stomatologia! We could not accept that name if we were notEXPERTSin your field. We know, you will think anyone can say that, because that's the way it is. However, we dare to bear the nickname of "experts" for one important reason.


For over 20 years, we have been training dentists in every area of this difficult profession. Out of nearly two thousand already distinguished dentists who raised their qualifications at Dental Experts Training, we carefully selected the outstanding ones.


Today, this fantastic team creates a clinic that just had to be created! The project of our life!Feel taken care of at Dental Experts Stomatologia!

We think you& will like it here

You will be our guests in a moment. It is an honor to accept you.
During this first important visit, we will do our best to read your expectations.

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Is a smile important?

Since the eyes are the mirror of the soul, what is our smile? Or maybe it's worth asking a difficult question, what is the lack of a smile? We know it because we have been hearing it for 20 years from dentists who improve their qualifications in our academy Dental Experts Training.


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Your first call is very important to us.

Feel free to write and call . 

535 853 499

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